Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Life In the Pediatrician's Office

I've decided that this will be the title of my biography. I feel that I spend my life in the pediatrician's office these days. Is this normal or am I hypochondriac? Anyway, the baby has a possible sinus infection...or he is suffering from worsening allergies to the soy formula. We've been on the soy formula, off the soy formula and on extremely expensive (although not the most expensive) hypoallergenic formula and back on the soy formula in the past few weeks and nothing is improving no matter what we do! AAAACCKKK!!! The doctor thinks that he coincidentally got a cold in the middle of all of the formula switching and so we're treating him for a sinus infection to see if that clears everything up. I'm not convinced but we'll see. She's been right about everything else so far. Me Too has a possible UTI. We got to spend a lovely hour waiting for her to tinkle into a bag that was stuck to where you tinkle. During this hour she was crying and screaming because she was freaked out by a bag being stuck to where you tinkle. The baby was crying in between eating because he was tired and cranky and didn't want to be in the car seat anymore but I couldn't pick him up because I kept having to check for tinkle and comfort Me Too. Big Bear was an angel - although a very talkative angel. I don't think she ever stopped talking...the entire hour...ever. She was telling me all about how her baby horse was going to the doctor because she was sick and how the baby horse had to go tinkle at the doctor and that she wanted to go to McDonalds and could we have a treat after lunch and when was Grandmom coming and could we go on be-cation (translation - vacation) to Grandmom's house and on and on and on.

But...we survived. Me Too tinkled. Big Bear stopped talking. The baby's been sleeping for hours. I have 4 posts written to post over the next few days. Now I'm off to finish laundry and straighten the house for Grandmom's much anticipated and, conveniently used as a bribe to get the girls to pick up their toys, visit.


Mandy said...

Good grief! I am sorry to hear all of that. Glad things are turning around for you guys. :) Don't you love the long naps?

Debbie said...

Too bad we do not go to the same dr. It would have been nice to spend all that time with you!

Rachel said...

Bless your heart. Yikes. Glad she finally tinkled into the bag, although I can imagine what a traumatic experience that must have been for her. Poor thing. Sounds like y'all have really been through the ringer. Sheesh.
Hope all gets better soon, and y'all get to the bottom of little one's 'allergies/sinus' issues.