Monday, February 18, 2008

Line Dancing and Stomach Bugs

This past Saturday was so rainy and cold and yucky. We all stayed inside the entire day. Amazingly enough, the girls got along spectacularly. It was a really nice family day. The weather was much nicer on Sunday but...the girls woke up with stomach bugs. So we had another family day inside and the girls still didn't fight...mainly because neither were awake much except when we were rushing them to the bathroom to...well, you know - I won't get into details. Besides one trip to the grocery store by hubby, we spent the entire weekend in the house and it was actually very relaxing overall. Pretty amazing when you consider that for part of it we were stuck inside the house with two sick children and a newborn!

Saturday evening the girls and I were flipping channels while waiting for Doug to come home from the grocery store so we could eat dinner. We landed on the movie Footloose. It was very last scene (don't worry - I wouldn't let them watch that whole movie!)and I thought the girls might like to see all of the people dancing. I was flooded with memories while listening to the theme song...granted, they were memories of trying out for drill team my 6th grade year to that song and NOT MAKING IT. Boo hoo. Don't worry - I made it the next year. Everyone thought I'd make officer my 8th grade year - they all said I was a shoe in. But I didn't. Two of the girls who did had moms who were sponsors and judges. I'm mean, I'm not saying anything like that it was rigged or something but I'll let you decide. And, by the way, do you know the WORST thing that you could have to do immediately after trying out for officer of the drill team for your 8th grade year and not making it (not because it was rigged or anything)? Go camping with your family!!!!!!! That was the worst! Anyway, Big Bear asked me what they were doing on one part of the dance scene and I told them it was a line dance. So after the movie as I was finishing up dinner I heard this...

Big Bear to Me Too: Do you want to line dance like the married people?

Oh my goodness! After I finished cracking up (especially at the rest of the conversation which made no sense after that question) I was in shock. Where did she get that? Don't get me wrong...I'm thrilled to death that my 4 year old thinks anyone who is dancing is married! But I have no idea where she got that. We've never talked about it and I wouldn't have thought to - I wouldn't have thought that she would even know the term "married people".

Where do they get these things? And what else does she know? Amazing!

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