Sunday, February 17, 2008


I don't feel too Excellent right now but Nicole at As Many As We're Given said that I am! I often feel that Nicole is my long lost twin. Most of the time when I read one of her posts I have to stop and make sure I'm not reading my own blog. Our husbands even do the same job! Too funny!

So...passing on the bloggity love! Because of time constraints (otherwise known as 2 of my 3 children having a stomach bug) I am only awarding two fellow bloggers with the Excellent award. Both happen to be friends of my IRL (in real life) but their blogs are among the first that I check because I love to see their perspectives on all things mommyish!

Debi at My Favorite Things...Debi is my coworker and helped me out at the beginning of the year when my co-teacher fell and broke her hip. I learned SO much from working with her and had a blast as well! We have an idea for a new blog/website that we're going to work on together and I'm super excited about it so be on the lookout for that to come your way!

Veronica on the Verge - she has such a beautiful and loving outlook - not only on her children and family but on life in general. And her kids are so adorable and funny. I love to read the funny stories about them!

Okay - off to rest up before any more stomach bug action takes place...or until a baby needs to be fed...or well, you get the drift.


nicole said...

Stomach bugs are yucky! I hope it is limited to the two that have it and that is all.

veronica said...

aww! Thank you, Stevie for your sweet words!! (blushing)
I hope you are all feeling better now.