Monday, January 7, 2008

Prayers Needed

From my friend Stefanie...

My brother Patrick is in the Air Force and will be shipping off to
Iraq on January 21st for a six-month deployment. It would mean a
lot to me and my family if you all would pray for his safety while
he is away.

Pat is a dog handler and will be shipping out with his German
Shepard "Jack". Their task will be sniffing out explosives and they
will be working with the Marines and Army. As you all can imagine,
the thought of my brother actually looking for bombs in Iraq is a
bit scary for my family.

My brother is married and has a 13-year old daughter (the worlds'
greatest niece).

Private special intention for a friend

Please continue to keep Donna and her family in your prayers. Her son, Jacob, was born yesterday around 3:30. Apparently the cause was that the umbilical cord was extremely thin in some areas causing lack of blood to the baby. Other than this, the baby looked perfect and the entire family got to hold him and say their goodbyes.

My dear friend Debbie's sister who lost a baby last week as well.

My youngest sister just found out that their 9-week baby stopped growing at 7 weeks and she had to have a D&C on Monday. Thankfully she has 2 other boys, but she is still hurting. Please keep her in your prayers as well.

Jackie's daughter Larkin who is about 7 weeks old and was admitted to the hospital yesterday with RSV. She'll be there about a week. This is a tough illness for little babies. My little Me Too had RSV when she was 6 weeks old and spent several days in the hospital. It's hard to see such tiny babies suffer

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