Friday, January 11, 2008

Our Morning at the Manor

My brain function being as little as it is as much as I can do for today.

Me Too's ponytail...sort of.

Big Bear and Me Too looking sweet.

Me Too's artwork for this morning - that's the floor by the way.

Oh, and the wall...

Campo as he has not been seen for hours...I mean HOURS (asleep in case you didn't get that. I'm sooooooooooooo tired...please help me)!!!!


Shelly said...

I've really enjoyed coming here and visiting your blog!
Congrats on your new little guy, Campo. What an absolutely beautiful baby!

creeper said...

Re: "I'm soooo tired."

Hang in there, Stevie...only twenty more years to go.

I always remember what my mom said. (She had five kids.) "If I can just get you all raised to the age of twenty-one, alive, and out of jail I will consider myself a success."

Thank you (or Doug) for sending me the link to your new site. I like it!


Stevie Is A Girl? said...

20 years! Yikes! Ha ha! Thanks for visiting! Glad you found us!