Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Fun

Here are pics of the girls from all of the Halloween festivities we took part in!

The first few are from the Halloween party at our church. Big Bear cried the whole time - we didn't ever figure out why. Me Too did her best to escape from us at any opportunity. Not much fun!! And then there was the part where I found one armed self alone with all the bags, Me Too's shoes and Me Too doing her best to get away from me. That was great fun. Later that day we had a birthday party to go to which was a Halloween theme and all of the kids were in their costumes. The girls had a blast!

Then of course, there was Halloween night. We got all dressed up, with the help of Auntie Emma who showed up at just the right time, and went trick or treating around Grammy and Grampy's neighborhood which had many more lights on than ours!

All in all, we had lots of fun!

Halloween 2007

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