Monday, September 10, 2007

It's Officially Fall At My House!!

Since the Cowboys had their first game yesterday, I decided that I would officially usher fall in with the first batch of my taco soup. Fall begins at my house the first time I make that soup. It wasn't cold yet - I usually wait until the first cold day but I decided yesterday that it didn't matter. I am ready for it so I'm getting it started!! I LOVE fall. I love pumpkins, fall colors, jeans and sweaters, sweatshirts, scarecrows, hay, crisp weather (we don't get much in TX though), football season, Thanksgiving, Halloween, October Market (our big fundraiser for Mother's Association at church), carnival at church and of course, the great State Fair of Texas! I love it all! Thank God it's fall!!!


Jennifer F. said...

I looooove Fall too! Monday Night Football started last night, and it's even not miserably hot here (Austin) today. Yay Fall!

Laura H. said...

I love fall too! I considered it fall on Tuesday when I walked out of my door and smiled at the nice COOL morning air that greeted me! I LOVE FALL.