Sunday, August 26, 2007

Out of the mouth of my babe!

Our new bishop celebrated 2 masses at our church today! I was really anxious to hear what he had to say and size up this new leader of our flock. On top of that, the 9am mass was the back to school mass. Bishop + school mass = LOTS OF PEOPLE!! We figured that would overflow into the 11am mass, which we were going to attend, so we decided not take the little ones. I told Big Bear that she and Me Too would stay home with Daddy while Mommy went to Mass by herself. Her response?

"Oh, how wonderful. You will pray really good!"

I'm still trying to decide if it was wonderful because she didn't have to go (she's not a big fan these days) or if it was because she truly understood that it is special for Mommy to get to go to Mass by herself. Either way, it was the cutest thing I've heard in a while! And it was wonderful...and I think I did pray really good!

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