Saturday, August 25, 2007

Game Fun!

Looking for fun new games for your kids? You can find it all at this website - whether it's something to do around the house, party games or a new online game.

Our computer is out in the middle of our home - right next to the kitchen - and online games are a great time filler for my 3 1/2 year old while I'm cooking or cleaning. For a long time though I've shied away from encouraging her to play because she's gotten bored with the same old games. We've pretty much had to stick to the same few games where she can just hit a button on the keyboard because despite repeated attempts to teach her to use the mouse, she couldn't do it. Until I found a game here called Happy Mrs. Chicken which was a great one for getting her used to how to click the button and move the mouse. After a few minutes, she was pointing and clicking all over the place! This opens up a whole new world of game for us! But, my mom gave us the heads up on this cute website that has tons of great keyboard games for the 21 month old to start playing. And so now, all of a sudden, we're fighting over the computer - amazing! Our parents never had to deal with this argument!

As far as board games, we have not gotten into that yet but I did pick up CandyLand to use as an upcoming birthday or Christmas present. She's a few months shy of 4 so I think she should be able to enjoy that. Of course, now I'm wondering what you do with the 2 year old when you play a board game with a 4 year old but we'll figure that one out when it comes up. I'd love suggestions on other great board games for little ones. Not being a huge board game person, I'm at a little bit of a loss on this topic!


Laura H. said...

Chutes and Ladders is fun too, I think. I always enjoyed Trouble when I was little, too. :)

Laura H. said...

btw, have you been to puzzle zoo at northpark? there are tons of board games there that im sure yall would like. in fact, theres a whole section of board games for lil ones -- i stood and looked at them the other day, remembering what fun my parents and i used to have playing those games together.

Stevie said...

I haven't been there but will check it out for sure!

I heard recently that someone did a study and found that a majority of prisoners in their study had never played board games with their families growing up. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. It teaches taking turns, good sportsmanship, and skills such as these that someone involved in a life of crime might not exhibit!

sexy said...
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