Monday, August 27, 2007

How I've Celebrated St. Monica's Feast Day...By Begging Her For Help!

I know St. Monica must be really busy celebrating her feast day and all but I really have needed her help today and seeing as how I'm still alive and sort of ticking, I guess her intercession has worked!

We started out at the splash park this morning for a "Back to School" party for all of the 3 year olds at our school. After a major battle with Big Bear over what shoes she would wear...big stuff you know...we made it there with the tons of stuff it seems to take just to go to a splash park for a couple of hours - unbelievable - it looked like we were moving in. It was tons of fun for the girls. For me, well, I'll just say it was nice visiting with some other moms. I came home in a shirt that was wet from carrying around wet babies, sweaty from the extremely unbearable - especially for a pregnant woman - heat, and dirty from the literally dozens of melt-y chocolate donuts that my children consumed and somehow managed to wipe all over me despite my repeated instructions not to get any more donuts. Oh yeah, and then there is the extreme pain I am in from "catching" Me Too as she jumped off the playground equipment, pulled her off the climbing wall that was meant for 5-12 year olds (did I mention she's barely 2 yet?) and lunging to stop Big Bear in mid air as Me Too walked RIGHT in front of the quickly moving swing that Big Bear was in. Yeah - lots of fun!

Then I got home and realized all that I have to do...unload the dishwasher, load it back up to almost full with the dishes that we lazily just left on the side of the sink because we didn't want to unload the dishwasher this weekend, menu planning, grocery shopping, getting ready for a meeting at church tomorrow night and washing some clothes that I need ready for training tomorrow and the meeting at church tomorrow night. Considering how badly my back was aching and how much I had to do, there was only one option...go to sleep for about an hour and a half. It wasn't on my to do list but it sure felt good!

So now what am I doing? Blogging of course! That is getting a lot done! Oh well, I got Menu Plan Monday and the shopping list done. Now I'm off to unload the dishwasher! Pray for me Saint Monica!!

Good news - I've scratched 2 things off of my list and am about to get a few more done. The girls are both gone with Grampy so this will help a lot!
Bad news - Me Too drew all over the computer screen, computer chair and herself with a pen while Grampy was helping me get a library book that has to go back tonight out from behind the couch. Does anyone know how to get pen off of a computer screen? It doesn't come off with my most used solution - spit.


Anonymous said...

to get pen off a computer screen you can use an alcohol swab.

Stevie said...