Friday, July 6, 2007

Fear the Silence!

I belong to a message board for moms and have a great group of gals there that I chat with from time to time. I don't make it on as often as I'd like these days but it's nice to have them there in case I have quick questions that I need answers like how to get marker off the couches! Every once in a while, someone posts a Fear the Silence thread - always very funny. Fear the Silence is when you all of a sudden realize it's just too quiet in the house so you go searching for your child and usually find something either awful if it's your child or hilarious if it's about someone else's child. There are usually pictures taken and posted so everyone can get the full effect. For example, once a girl posted pics of her toddler who had painted herself from head to toe in peanut butter!

Well, here is my Fear the Silence post - not quite as bad as my example. Actually, not bad at all - really quite funny. Big Bear was busy coloring or something and I think I was reading or watching tv when I realized that Me Too was awfully quiet. Just as I got up to go find her, I ran into her coming into the den where I was...well, just look for yourself.

She had first gotten a huge armful of toilet paper from our bathroom and then proceeded to walk all the way through our room and down a long hallway into the den which is where I met up with her. As soon as she saw me she realized that she was busted and had the funniest look on her face. It only broke right after I took that first picture of her so I went ahead and took the picture of it laying in the hallway just for perspective. There was not one bit of toilet paper left on the roll...but we still used it all!

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