Friday, March 16, 2007

She Stinkled!!!

Stinkle is the new word that Big Bear started using today for going to the potty! We had our big potty training day. Grammy graciously and mercifully took Me Too - we never would have gotten anything done with her here - for the whole day so that I could concentrate solely on Big Bear and her stinkling. We started out by putting on a pair of her new Care Bear panties! That was exciting. We then ceremoniously threw away her diapers (the regular kind, not the pull ups that we'll still use at nap and night). She whimpered a bit but bravely threw them in the trash.

Next we played with a new toy - Little People Carnival. We got it for Christmas but it was one of the toys that we put away for a bit because we were very blessed by MANY toys. Besides Christmas in December, we have a birthday in November and a birthday in December so we try to hide some toys away to use later in the year. It sure came in handy because she played with it for about an hour and a half. We'd take sitting on the potty breaks and read stories while we waited for something to happen...but it didn't. After an hour and a half and a few cups of coffee, I was in desperate need of the potty myself. So I left her side for the first time that morning and she had an accident!!!! I don't know if she held it that whole time or if it was total coincidence but at this point I was thinking it was not looking good. She had whined and fussed every time I had asked her to try and then this.

But, we cleaned it up and changed her and kept going. I redoubled my efforts on the juice drinking and after about an hour she looked up at me with that funny look on her face and we ran to the potty. This time...stinkle!!! I was so excited. You'd think she had won the lottery. Not only had she gone, she had let me know she needed to!! So, after that I felt I could relax a bit and started making lunch. We enjoyed some mac and cheese and after she ate I put her on the potty again...and stinkle again!

She went two more times after her nap. Once she told me and once I had her try. I feel really good about our progress today. I think it's a great start. But...we'll see what happens tomorrow when Me Too is home all day. Unfortunately, this is Doug's weekend to work. Plus, we still have the "other" to know, the one that is not stinkle but stinky? I feel like that is going to be a little tougher.

I just can't believe my tiny baby is already old enough (okay, she has been for a while) to go stinkle in the potty! This is one of those bittersweet mommy days. I'm thrilled that she's growing up and doing new things. I'm thrilled that soon we'll only be buying diapers for one!! But, I'm amazed at how fast the past 3 years has gone and how much we've done in that time. And I'm sad when I think about how this day will be an all too distant memory before we know it.

I thank God for every minute I have with these precious beings. Every stinkle, every stinky, every smile, every tear. Thank you Jesus!!


Laura H. said...

that sounds like an AMAZING start! congrats!

sexy said...
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