Sunday, November 13, 2011

Laundry Room Redo

Our laundry room is a little offshoot of the garage.  It has concrete floors and is painted in lime green sherbet.

See - lime sherbet.  Pretty gross.  Why would anyone EVER paint anything this color?  And every time I would walk out there I just felt yucky.  And I walk out there A LOT.  Usually in socks.  So forever I've wanted to paint and do something to the floors.  Someone turned me on to the stick on laminate squares you can get at Lowes (and Home Depot I'm sure).  I've had them since summer - maybe even last spring.  Long enough that when we needed a few more, they were discontinued.  But it was SO hot this summer - there was no way we could have done this project then.  So when Doug told me he had Veteran's Day off I knew that was the perfect day!! 

We painted, put in the laminate flooring and a new light fixture.  I got some pretty baskets and semi-organized the messy shelves.  Take a look!!  We're so proud!!
Old yucky light
New pretty light - sorry for the bad picture.  It's hard to take a good one of a light in a dark closet.

 Pretty new floors!!  I can walk out in socks without feeling gross!
 Nice shelves!
 Overall view
My pretty new baskets!

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