Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Insane Asylum

Yesterday afternoon was one of those afternoons...you know them.  The kids were hyper.  I was tired and didn't feel good.  The kids were hyper.  I couldn't get anything done.  Did I mention the kids were hyper?  They wouldn't follow directions...AT. ALL.  By the time Doug got home I was just DONE.  The kids didn't get better throughout dinner.  After they left the table I just slumped down and told Doug that I felt like I was running an insane asylum but that I was pretty sure that even insane asylums were much calmer and more organized than our house.  Doug very calmly responded, "Well, they've got good drugs there."  Hilarious.  That was a mood changer.  I, of course very briefly, entertained the envious wish that I could find some of those drugs to administer at home.  It was just a brief though.  I wouldn't...um...really do that.

Doug has always had the ability to calm me down when I'm losing it.  Actually, we kind of do a good job at balancing each other out that way.  It seems like when one of us is losing it, the other one has it together and props the other up.  I think that's why we work so well!!  Everyone should have someone in their life like that.

What do you do when you're losing it during the "witching" hour?  

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Deacon Dad said...

We send them home to their mom and dad. :)