Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Broccoli and Olive Salad

Growing up my grandmother always made the most delicious broccoli and olive salad. Several years ago she announced that she didn't think she made it very well and that liked it better when other people made it. Usually me or my mom end up making it. I volunteered to make it this year.

We've talked a lot about how hard this Thanksgiving will be for my grandfather - his first one without her on more than 65 years - but I don't think I've spent any time thinking about how I am going to feel tomorrow. So I was caught by surprise at how emotional I got making the dressing and veggies for the salad tonight. I was overcome with a feeling of history or legacy (I don't think that's really a feeling but you know what I mean) as I made it. It was such a direct connection to her. I thought about how she made that salad for so many occasions with such love in her heart.

As strange as it sounds, I felt her presence with me as I went through the motions of making that salad. And I suddenly realized how incredibly sad tomorrow will be in many ways. I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful family with whom I can share that sadness.

But it won't be all sad - we will be thankful for her life and celebrate the legacy that she left behind. More than just recipes - love and family and faith.

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