Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thick Skinned or Running Scared?

I received a copy of a letter written by the wife of Kenneth's opponent - we'll call her Lady Vaught or LV for short (and we'll call Kenneth's opponent AV for short). It is a last ditch effort to light a fire under their supporters to help the campaign and most likely to illicit some campaign money since from what I read Kenneth's campaign has out raised theirs.

I'd like point out a few problems that I saw in the letter.

Heroic Media is a group that attempts to get the word out, through the media, to women who have unwanted pregnancies that there are alternatives to abortion. LV calls them a fringe pro-life group. Too funny. Actually, Sarah Palin is currently the keynote speaker at several events for this group - including one coming to Dallas in a few weeks!! Oh how I want to go!! Off the subject though! The website has a testimonial page with quotes from Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingram, Michael Reagan and Col. Oliver North...you know, fringe types - HA! Here is a little bit from their home page:

When a woman is in an unwanted pregnancy, she often feels trapped and scared. Heroic Media’s television, billboard and internet messages reach her where she is. They don’t judge her. They let her know there are countless hopeful solutions.

Our advertisements (click here to view our TV commercials) connect her with resource centers that provide the hope and help she and her baby need. In fact, in markets where we’ve run consistent campaigns, the abortion ratio has dropped 24 percent! And, our messages are encouraging communities to rethink their position in favor of positive, life-affirming attitudes.

Hmmmm...that's not sounding too wacky to me. LV is very upset in her letter that this group would dare to have a gathering in the home across the street from her. She mentions that the pro-life movement "presented itself - almost literally on her front doorstep." She sounds pretty rattled by this close encounter with pro-lifers and it makes me wonder why this would be so unnerving to her. But, it also highlights what many of Kenneth's supporters love about him and why many of us are so involved in trying to get him elected - his pro-life stance. And stance isn't even really the correct word to use - he doesn't just say he's pro-life, he lives it out. Publicly. Unashamedly. Literally right out there on his "front doorstep"...and that is what his opponents' wife points out.

The second inaccuracy is the incident at the League of Women Voter's debate. She alleges that a Kenneth Sheets supporter "shouted down" one of their supporters and called them a "babykiller". I was standing there during most of this incident and the person asking the questions was not shouting at all and was not speaking to them as a Kenneth Sheets supporter. She is a constituent of District 107 and was trying to find out information about the person currently representing her district (AV), however, AV was not available to answer those questions as he left immediately after the debate. The AV representative who was left behind to answer questions in his absence was getting quite flustered, red and upset. Kenneth was not involved in this incident as he was busy being available to answer questions to the people who gave of their time to be there. He was also very quietly helping to stack chairs since the library had asked that the campaigns help to clean up. I remember being very struck by this humble attitude of service. The bottom line is that Kenneth has no control over what AV's constituents want to know about the person who was elected to represent them. Neither he nor his campaign asked this woman to "scream epithets" (which she did not do) at AV’s campaign as LV accuses in her letter.

LV makes a big point in her first paragraph to state that she has developed a thick skin since her husband entered politics. I couldn't help but wonder if her skin is really as thick as she would like to think or if she might need to work on that a little more. However, I am hoping that one week from today, this will be a moot point for her and she can just go back to keeping her street clear of those horrible fringe pro-lifers.



Ronda said...

Pray to counter the devil of Planned Parenthood, targeting black women. It's genocide!!

Stevie said...

Definitely praying!