Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not Looking Good For You, EBJ

There's more to the story about Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson. First it came out that she gave scholarship funds to her own grandsons, grand-nephews and staffer's children, all who were not eligible for the money because they were related to members of the CBC and they did not live in her district.

Now, her opponent Pastor Stephen Broden, has received a copy of a letter that shows that not only did she award this money to her family members instead of needy and deserving kids, she wrote a letter asking that the checks be written out to the kids and sent to them directly instead of to the colleges they were going to attend. Read more here.

And the Front Burner, D Magazine's blog, shows the nice home her grandchildren lived in and asks if they really needed the scholarship money over some other children who come from EBJ's district.

If you live in this district (30th Congressional District) please, please, please do what you can to support Pastor Broden!!! Vote for him of course. If you don't live there but want to support good, honest, well meaning Republican candidates, please donate to his campaign here.

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