Friday, August 6, 2010

Whiny and Complain-y

I feel whiny and complain-y today. I know complain-y is not a word but I'm making it one for today.

First of all - it's SOOOOO HOT!!! I can't take it anymore! It's been over 100 for the past several days. In the afternoon, I can't get my house any cooler than 80 and yesterday it was 81! Miserable!!

Second, the kids were supposed to go to Parent's Night Out at the rehab place where Big Bear goes for occupational therapy. 3 kids for 3 1/2 hours - for $25!! You can't beat that!! But Big Bear woke up at 3:30am to get sick. She is running fever and has a sore throat - although she seems much more energetic than I would expect.

Third, my leg has been aching since about the time that I woke up with Big Bear. It just aches from up above the knee and all the way down.

Fourth, Doug has to work tomorrow morning. He has to start working every other Saturday morning and that just bums me out.

Okay - I'm done whining. Sometimes it just makes you feel better to get it all out. Now I'll look at the positives...

First, at least we have air conditioning and a nice house for that air conditioning to cool us off - at whatever level of cooling that is!

Second, we've had a lot of nights out recently so it's not like I really NEED a night out like I do when it's been a while since we've had time to ourselves. And, like I said, Big Bear seems kind okay right now. Maybe it's just a short lived little bug.

Third, actually I'm having a hard time coming up with something for this one. My leg REALLY hurts and I don't know what could be causing it.

Fourth, at least Doug has a good job!! In this economy and the way things are going these days, that's a GOOD thing!!

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