Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stevie's Super Stuff

I have a problem...I CANNOT hang pictures!! I can't ever find where my husband keeps the nails, or thumb tacks or whatever you're supposed to use to hang stuff. I hate using a hammer. I know sometimes there are things in the wall that you aren't supposed to bang nails into - don't know what they're called, but know you're supposed to use some sort of tool find them before hanging something. See what I mean? I just don't know how to hang things!

This becomes very frustrating when I get something new and cute that I want up right now. A pile grows for my husband to work on, but when he gets home, that's the last thing he wants to do!

So, the other day in the store I found 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips

I was intrigued. Could these little strips be the answer to my picture hanging dilemma?

I think they just might be! Check this out. I bought this cute little decorative pie tin to put up in my kitchen. So, I thought it would be a good test for me. You put the little strips onto the item you are hanging like this:
Then you peel the backing off the other strip and press your picture against the wall for 30 seconds. Then you gently pull the picture off the wall (the two strips come apart) and let the strips adhere to the wall for one hour.

When you are done, here's what you get!
I can't believe I hung that all by myself!!! And this...

and this...Can you believe it? I know, you can because you can hang pictures. But for me this is ground breaking and life represents freedom!! I no longer have to wait for someone else to hang something for me. I can do it all by myself! (...I know, it just takes something ever so little to excite me!)

(I was not paid for this product endorsement. I bought the product for myself and just loved it and wanted to share!)

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Quite Sensible Indeed said...

So happy to find a blogging friend! In my spare time (ha, ha) I will catch up with yours. My blog is decidedly not Catholic. I hope to move in that direction. As adult converts eight years later, we still have family who are offended by all things Catholic {sigh}.