Friday, August 20, 2010

Sardines for School Lunch?

I have the world's pickiest eaters. Big Bear has even been in therapy to help her overcome some sensory integration issues that have kept her from being able to enjoy food. Last week was her last session. She's come SO far! But I'm nervous about life after therapy! So, I'm trying to get creative! I've always been intrigued by Bento lunches - a Japanese style of packing lunches with food made in cute shapes and things. Plus, the push is on from the school to try to have trash less lunches as much as possible.

So in my searching - I found this cute blog called What's for lunch at our house? with a fun giveaway with items from a website called Mimi the Sardine! She has really cute place mats, or "smacemats" as Campo calls them, and other things like Bento boxes, tablecloths and aprons! My kids are obsessed with "smacemats". I'm hoping to win the giveaway though because I usually only get them at places like the Dollar Store. Check it out!

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