Sunday, August 30, 2009 week down!

We survived the first week of kindergarten. So far, so good. This kindergarten stuff if tough! Having to get up EVERY morning...I'm used to having two days off!...and get her somewhere only to turn around and go back 7 hours later! Get the little ones down early enough to be able to turn around and go back! Answer Me Too the 1000 times she's asked me when she gets to go to kindergarten. Make sure Big Bear has her lunch, homework, etc. Tough stuff!! But she just loves it. One day last week around 5pm she announced that she was ready to go back. I had to explain that she had to wait until the next day! Her teacher seems so great and I've already gotten to know a few least by sight. Our first PTA meeting is Thursday and I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure that one day those things will be a beating to me but for now it is exciting and new.

We went to the high school football game this weekend to see our nephew play in the marching band. The girls had never been to one, despite our intentions to go to one for the past several years...just never panned out for some reason. They loved it. Big Bear decided that instead of being a paleontologist, now she wants to be a mascot. She would not deviate from her new passion despite our best efforts to explain to her that she could be a mascot in high school and THEN a paleontologist later!

I took some pictures with my phone and am going to try to figure out to get them from there to here so you can see what cute and spirited fans the girls were!

Tomorrow I go back for the first day at our school. Me Too and Campo will both be in new classes too. It's going to be strange going to school without Big Bear. We will really miss her tomorrow. It's going to be a crazy week with all of us having to be lots of different places at different times! My mind is constantly racing with what is coming next, how will we coordinate people and things, what do they need to take with them, how will they get home...ARGGG!!!

Off to make dinner now!

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