Monday, July 20, 2009

My Cousins Wedding

My cousin Melissa got married a few weeks ago. It was the first time that Big Bear and Me Too have ever been to a wedding. I was so excited for them to go - I just knew they would love it! And they did! I thought they would be most impressed with the bride in her beautiful dress and flowers and all. was the flower girls that caught their attention! When the flower girls got to the front of the chapel we couldn't see them anymore. Me Too was wondering where they were, why they dropped flowers on the floor and then stood up on my lap - luckily we were in the back row so she wasn't obstructing anyone's view - so that she could try to get a glimpse of them. As we left the chapel Big Bear told me that now she wants to be a paleontologist and a flower girl when she grows up! The girls were more than thrilled to get to dance the night away with the flower girls whom they admired so much! They are the daughters of the groom so I'm looking forward to trying to reunite them some time in the not so distant future. In the meant time, the girls will be content with naming all of their stuffed animals and dolls after their new beloved flower girl friends.

Here are some pictures!

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