Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

Technically I haven't weighed in yet today but I haven't posted on my progress in a while. So far I've lost 8.8lbs. That's in 5 weeks. Yay! I wish it was a little more of course, but overall I'm pretty pleased. I still don't feel like I've lost much and no one is noticing yet of course. It will be nice when that starts to happen. That is when you really start feeling motivated. I'm at the point right now where my excitement is waning and the weight loss is slowing. I would have blown it by now if I wasn't going to meetings. Tonight's weigh in will be interesting. Iwent out to dinner on Saturday, celebrated Father's Day on Sunday and then had cake and cupcakes for my birthday on Monday. In the meantime I've had 3 sick kids, one who has been SUPER grumpy and hard to deal with during the illness, so I've been very stressed out. Again, knowing that I had to face the official weigh in at the meeting is such a big help in not completely blowing it during the challenging times.

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