Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eggs and Dirt

We started out yesterday with the annual Easter Egg hunt at our church. The kids love this event and had been asking me when it was for weeks. You have to get there right at the start time because if you are late, you'll miss all the eggs. As soon as they say go, the kids are off and those eggs are gone in a flash. So, in our effort to be on time and not miss out on the main event, we forgot a couple of important, not the kids. Our stroller for one which meant that Campo had to be held most of the time...and our camera. So disappointing. I did get a couple of pictures of Campo with my cell phone though.

Then we came home and headed outside to play and do a little yard work. Campo had a blast but played in the dirt and got more dirty than I've ever seen. He even had dirt caked on the inside of his eyelid - yuck. Here is a picture...made even yuckier by the runny nose mixing in wiht the dirt! What a boy!

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