Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blogging Break...Over?

Well, hello friends. I've been away. It wasn't intentional. I just stopped. It just was fun, I had nothing to say, I stressed all the time over what to post...blah. So, without even making a conscious decision, I just stopped! People kept asking me if I had quit blogging and I just told them no, I was taking a break. I was accused of letting Facebook take blogging's place. Not the case. Facebook is jut a lot easier to keep up with - just little quick hits here and there instead of having to sit and think about exactly what I wanted to say. But today it happened...I missed blogging and wanted to do it again. So here I am. And we'll just see what happens!

Everyone is doing great. Big Bear is getting really excited about going to kindergarten. After a long discernment process - lots of prayer, research and counsel, we have decided to go to our neighborhood public school. While I am sad that our kids will not attend Catholic school, we are very at peace about our decision. For a couple of weeks, Doug and I were both feeling really moved in that direction but hadn't shared our thoughts with each other about it. One day he came home and said that he felt so drawn to the school every time he drove by it and I told him I felt the same way and at that point we felt really sure. We are very excited to meet lots of new people. This Friday we will go to a picnic for incoming kindergartners and their families. Big Bear and I have also been attending a little program at the school for incoming kindergartners. So far they have gone to a music class, an art class, a PE class and to the science lab. They met and took pictures with the mascot from the high school. The superintendent even came to speak to us one day! Here is a picture of her in the little tee shirt she got from the school.

Me Too has gone from being a little toddler with hair sprouting out unevenly all over her head making it always look messy and disheveled into a sweet, adorable little girl who is very popular at school, not only among her classmates but her sister's as well. She has quite the temper and is extremely stubborn...although she balks at being labeled as "stubbord". On the other hand, she is the most loving, snuggly little thing I've ever known. Every morning she comes and climbs in bed with me and cuddles up so close. I cherish those moments and hope they never stop. I tried to find a recent picture of her by herself but could only find pictures of her with her siblings. That kind of sums up Me Too. She's all about her sister and her brother.

And, last but not least, Campo! What a fun little guy he is becoming! He has such a funny and sly sense of humor. He is loving and sweet at the same time that he is rough and tumble. He loves to play with his sisters and lights up when he sees them. In the past couple of days he has found his voice and babbles nonstop. He loves to "talk". Campo has a funny quirk when he sits down on a step or in a swing or his carseat - any type of seat where his legs hang down. He always crosses his legs at the ankles. Even when he sits on the floor...one leg goes over the other. And when he sleeps at school, he goes in a swing with both hands behind his head and legs crossed. He looks like he's lounging in a hammock. Too cute! Here he is playing outside last week.

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