Friday, January 23, 2009

Got A Kleenex?

This is a short commentary from Campbell Brown of CNN on Obama breaking his "own rule". While it is no surprise to me, or probably most of my readers, it apparently is to her and she is obviously torn up about it.
That's what he said two days ago. But as we first told you Thursday, and sadly we are learning more about this Friday, President Obama already wants an exception to his own rule.

I can just imagine the tear drops falling on her computer as she tries to type this. She probably had to stop several times to wipe her eyes so she could see the words on the screen. See...when you expect SO much of someone, they can't help but fail you.

Please, please don't make us all any more cynical than we already are, Mr. President.

Awwww...there, there Campbell. It will be okay.

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