Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random Thoughts

Quick update on Sam and Tisha...they are both doing GREAT! Sam's parents updated his Caring Bridge page to tell the whole story about the angel on earth who saved Sam's life...and as they point out, another child's life as well since Sam didn't need a kidney from the donor list. It is an amazing story all around.

The Olympics are about to do me in. I keep staying up late watching them and it is catching up with me! I have noticed a lot more buzz about the Olympics this summer than I remember last time. My theory is that with all of the bad news we have lately - the economy, gas prices, yucky stuff that goes on during elections, tensions all over the world - the Olympics give us something to be hopeful about. It gives us something to be excited about. Well, that plus there is not a darn thing to watch on tv! And there hasn't been for a while now except for that little snippet of time when the shows came just to wrap up seasons.

Then last night there was a thunderstorm. That meant Big Bear in our bed and me up listening for Me Too to cry. Campo woke up crying at midnight (before the storm) and then again at 6am. There was just no sleep to be had in this house.

Potty training for Me Too is going miserably. It started...for a few days...and then has slowed down to nothing. I am letting it go for a while. She's having other issues lately. Like violence towards her siblings. Kicking her tiny baby brother over while he was just sitting innocently in the den. Sitting on her sister's head while her sister was crying that she couldn't breath. Strangling her tiny baby brother's neck. Now, I know your thinking that if I was supervising them none of this would be happening.'re WRONG! All of this happened right in front of me! I'm at my wits end and have tried various forms of punishment, rewarding good behavior, giving extra attention, Love and Logic, 1,2,3 Magic, ignoring, tearing my hair out, crying and putting MYSELF in time out in the bathroom before I lost my mind!

Husband loves his new job. I love it too because the latest he's been home yet is 5:30! Some days he's home before 5pm! It's awesome! He seems really happy. We are still enjoying our ministry with our church's Beyond Cana retreat. We're praying about what we think our role will be for future retreats but right now we like being the invitations coordinators.

I am one of 3 ladies running PreSchool CCD this year. We bought a new curriculum and are making a lot of changes. It seems like everyone is really excited.

And school starts back up for teachers on the 25th. This year is going to be so great. I'm still teaching Pre-K but this year I'll beteaching with a friend who I know I'll really enjoy working with and I will get to actually do some fun stuff - not just sweep the floor after lunch! And Campo will be coming with me this year! It will be fun to have him just down the hall. I am getting a little worried though. Yesterday I went to one of the CCD ladies' houses to work on stuff. I put Campo down in the playroom and left him with the other two ladies to get something out of the car. As I walked back up to the home, I could hear him crying a broken hearted cry. He's never done this when I've left him before but I've only left him with Grammy, who he knows, or he's been at home where he's comfortable and has his crazy sisters to keep his attention diverted. So, I'm wondering if this is going to be a tougher transition than I had originally thought. We'll see!

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Sunshine said...

so I am glad to know my child is not the only one showing "violence". we were at a play group yesterday and william was hitting kids in the face...i know he is trying to communicate that he wanted a toy etc...but man it gets me fired up!

I too have been up WAY TO LATE watching the olympics - and for some reason - William does not seem to care...he is ready to go in the morning!

Take care!