Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Sam And An Angel On Earth

A while back ago, I posted about some people from our church whose son, just a few months older than my Big Bear, started fighting cancer at 9 months old (4 years old now), beat it but was left with kidney problems and has been waiting to be strong enough for a kidney transplant ever since. Read the whole story at Sam's Caring Bridge site here and from my perspective here and here.

Sam is getting a new kidney tomorrow. Praise the Lord! Please pray for Sam, his family and the doctors and nurses who will be involved in his care.

But...a new twist to this story. The angel on earth part. Up to this point, I had assumed that the kidney was coming from someone who had passed. But the kidney is actually coming from a woman from Frisco (a suburb of Dallas where we live). She is the wife of a preacher at the Frisco Church of Christ. She has 3 young children of her own. This has been planned for quite a while but put off several times due to complications on Sam's end. The families only just met last week for lunch one day. The husband wrote about it here (go to Impressions: The Gappas and then read Respect For Life). And just a will make you tear up. He says,
What kind of person would offer up a kidney to someone she doesn’t know? The kind of person who, too, has a four year-old son. The kind of person to whom God has been very good. The kind of person who believes in Galatians 6:10. The kind of person who believes in Romans 8:28. The kind of person who would hate to experience what Sam’s parents have experienced. The kind of person who has a respect for life.
So, please pray tomorrow for Tisha who is giving an amazing unbelievable gift. The epitome of respect for life and then some. Please pray for the medical team attending her. Please pray for her children as she is away from them and as she recovers.

I am in awe of how any time Sam's name comes up I am once again reminded of how great our God is and how he works for good for those who love Him. What a special little boy, what a special family and what a special new family has been brought into the mix.

Again...please pray for all involved tomorrow.

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