Friday, June 27, 2008

Marriage Website

I found a great website called For Your Marriage. It is a Catholic based website that has tons of wonderful resources to help in caring for your marriage. This website has a little something for everyone - whether you are engaged and preparing for marriage or already married and in the trenches! The front page has videos of people answering the question - What have you done for your marriage today? There is a quiz to see if you and your spouse have the same moral compass. I plan for Husband and I to take this quiz this weekend as we have our Repeat Beyond Cana Retreat! (The marriage retreat that we are involved in suggests that you have a repeat retreat once a year to get up to date on what is going on in your marriage/family/life so we are going to take some time during our short getaway to do this) It even has daily marriage tips that you can sign up to receive! Mine are going to come straight to my Google Reader each day! I just found the site and couldn't wait to come and share it so I haven't even explored all that there is on it. Let me know if you find something interesting that I haven't mentioned!!

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