Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baby Survives Abortion

In a nutshell, this mother carries a gene which triggers multicystic dysplastic kidney – which causes cysts to grow on the kidneys of an unborn baby. After losing her first child, and having a second who lives on one kidney, she became pregnant with a third child while on the pill and decided to abort it in order to save herself from the
"anguish of losing another baby"
How aborting the baby isn't "losing it" and how it would not cause anguish is not explained in the article. However, the abortion doctor was, among other things, incompetent and botched the abortion and th baby lived. This caused anger in the mother but as the article points out, the anger turned to delight when the baby was born with only minor kidney damage.

Most important, I do not want my ranting to overshadow the joy that this little boy, by God's mercy, was able to live. However, I feel terrible for anyone who has to live knowing that their mother tried to kill them and then became angry when it didn't work. That being said, there are so. many. problems. with. this. story. Where to start, where to start. I'm going to skip the obvious and point out what bothered me the MOST in the article.

...doctors told the couple that this child was likely to survive, so they decided he deserved a chance.

Disregard that God, by creating this life in the first place, had already decided hat he deserved a chance. Thank goodness that these doctors agreed.

I am praying for baby Finley. I have a feeling that he is going to have some pretty big issues to deal with in his future.


Jessica said...

This just brings tears to my eyes! I can't believe the audacity of some people.

GrannyGrump said...

It's not that unusual.

But it ought to cast a doubt on how "needed" abortions are. After all, if having the baby will utterly RUIN the mother's life, won't her life be just as ruined by a baby whose continued existence she discovers at 19 weeks?

Shelly said...

i know, i know! can you believe her gull! just the wording and such!

I read this a few days ago and was disgusted by the disregard for life. I pray that baby grows up feeling God's Love and Presence!