Friday, May 23, 2008

Life At The Manor

In one word - busy. Sorry I haven't been around all week. It's just been busy! I'm going to try to get around to some blogging here soon. I just haven't had much to say!

We have 3 more days of school! Yippee! Then 3 weeks off and summer school starts. I don't know what my summer assignment will be, or my fall one for that matter. I'm pretty nervous about the changes coming. You see, besides the fact that I am ready for a new co-teacher (this post explains a bit), my daughter is going to be in the class that I teach (don't get me started on that - I will start crying) so I am going to be forced to move to another age. I really like working with the pre-K 4 group. It is a very important year because they have to get ready for kindergarten. They are so excited to learn and to mature. And they grow up SO much during the year. So, I'll have to move down in age. I'm hoping to get to teach a three year old class with a friend of mine but I also tried to be helpful to my school and told them that ultimately I'd go where they needed me most. So, we'll see.

Big Bear has just recently made the connection that she can actually learn to read the words in the books that she loves so much and she is becoming interested in the sounds that the letters make as well as trying to write them. I just know she is going to love being able to read!

Me Too continues to love coloring and each day when we get to my classroom she runs right to the art shelves and gets paper and markers and proceeds to get marker all over herself within 5 minutes of getting there...before she ever even gets to her own classroom!

And Campo...well, he is just such a delight. He loves to smile and laugh. He enjoys playing any type of interactive game, especially if it involves tickling or anticipation of something. He LOVES butternut squash like nothing I've ever seen before. And Grammy has turned him into a somewhat of a camera fiend. I took the camera out to take a picture of him this morning and as soon as he saw it he smiled so big and kicked his feet!

We're off to the in-laws this weekend. They have tons of land and the girls absolutely love going there. We have to figure out how to explain that one of the two beloved horses has died since we were there last. Every horse that we have in our house is named after one of Grandmom and Grandad's horses. The girls LOVE Jubi and GiGi. Unfortunately, Jubi died of old age a few months ago. We decided to wait and tell the girls the next time we went out there...I was thinking I'd come up with something brilliant to say. There's still time I guess? But not much!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Oh, and stay tuned for the story of the evil spider who terrorized me this past week. There will even be pictures.

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