Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Prolifenance's NFP Conversion Story

Posting this for Prolifenance!

In 1969, my husband-to-be, a Baptist, agreed to use the rhythm method. (It was never an option. If he wanted to marry me, a Catholic, that is what we would do.

So we enjoyed life, and did not get pregnant! Then he went out of town on a business trip and I went to find him. Our first was conceived while watching a Bowl game on TV, somewhere in South LA, in a motel room.

We know the conception story of each of our 7 children. Only one (#4) was an "accident." I had attended a Billings Method class at church, and obviously didn't have it all down pat. Then we had to try hard, using the Billings Method TO get pregnant with #5. (We didn't want our only son to be the baby.)

After #7 (conceived in jubilation when my husband came home from South Africa a few days early) my husband came WITH me to a new set of classes in NFP by the CLC! He wanted to get it for sure right this time as he figured 7 was enough! And he did, and it was. That #7 is now 26 yrs old.

Lucky me, I now have 14 grandchildren.


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