Saturday, March 8, 2008

Silence Is Golden

Yesterday I was bustling around doing whatever it is that mommies do all day and I noticed that it was completely silent in my house. Panic set in as I was sure all 3 of my children must have been abducted by aliens. But was the silent scene at my house...

Big Bear was on the computer. Actually, that was the only source of occasional noise - sounds from her little games.

Me Too was coloring. This child is 2 years old, has the attention span of a gnat but she can sit and color for an hour. I can't believe how much she LOVES to color!

Campo was sleeping. YES, he does sleep in his car seat lovingly placed in his bassinet. We started because of his reflux and continued because of his congestion. We will hopefully find out more about that on Wednesday and we're crossing our fingers that he'll be able to sleep lying down very soon! More about that later this week!

It's these little moments in life that just make your heart swell up in your chest with love and pride. Of course, fast forward 5 minutes and the girls are fighting, the baby is screaming and I am wanting to run away! Oh well, that's life with kids!


nicole said...

Our little girl sleeps in her carseat a lot of the time too. She seems to like the snuggly feeling, I think.

Jessica said...

Charlie slept in his car seat for at least 6 weeks. He slept better. I think he liked the coziness.

Your family is so sweet!

Nicole said...

Silence is a scary thing... it means they're up to SOMETHING!