Saturday, March 15, 2008

Campo at 13 Weeks - Swallow Study

On Wednesday of this past week, we took Campo to have a swallow study done. He went into a room in the radiology department of the hospital and sat in what basically looks like a car seat. They gave him liquids with barium in them and watched how he swallowed them. The first one was around the consistency of formula, the next one a little thicker and so on and so on. As he drank the different solutions, we all watched him swallowing the liquid down on a tv screen. The dr, occupational therapist and other personnel explained to us that some of what he drinks penetrates the wrong "pipe" - I don't know the exact term - and that eventually it was most likely aspirating - going into his lungs - which is not a good thing. Basically, he doesn't swallow right! In his case, it is a growth and maturation issue and they expect it to resolve at some point. For now, we have to thicken his formula - to the tune of over $100 a month - yikes. Between that and the formula, we've taken on a small car payment!

We are seeing some improvement. Depending on the time of day, his mood, etc...feedings used to be WWIII around here! He would start to eat, pull off and scream, choke and cry. Feedings would take forever because we'd have to get him calm, put the paci in and then once he was going on the paci, we'd stick the bottle in his mouth. He'd go for a little bit and then start the whole thing over again. Aggravating! For him and us! Now he can pretty much take 4 or 5 ounces down without any trouble.

So, now he has acid reflux, cow's milk allergy and swallowing problems! Poor baby! The frustrating thing is that his congestion still hasn't cleared up. He's 13 weeks and has had congestion in his nose since he as 5 weeks old - more than half his life! It never clears up - even after a round of antibiotics.

I just feel so bad for him. I know how miserable it is to have congestion and not be able to breath. If it doesn't clear up by Monday, I'm calling the doctor again and asking her to get her thinking cap on! The swallow study was done to cure the congestion - it hasn't. There is something else going on. I don't want my baby being miserable. He has spent most of his life with one issue or another. It is time for him to feel good!!

This first picture is of him wearing a 3-6 month outfit for the first time. Boo hoo - my baby is growing up.

I usually put pictures of him smiling and happy - but here is how is a lot of the time due to the problems I just went into detail explaining!

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