Sunday, March 2, 2008

Campo At 11 Weeks!

It's been a stressful week at the manor. At Campo's two week appointment we found out that he may have a cow's milk allergy. This requires a breastfeeding mom to completely cut dairy (actually all forms of cow's milk protein which is in pretty much everything) out of her diet. I tried this for a week and it was very stressful to figure out how to incorporate this into my whole family's diet. If it was just me, that would be a different story but it's not. After A LOT of agonizing, praying and crying(on my part anyway), we have decided to go to all formula. I am trying to find peace in my decision and have allowed myself the weekend to "mourn" the ending of this special relationship with my boy.

I'm also in a great deal of pain trying to end this special relationship with my boy! The doctor told me to do the fast and painful route - cold turkey. The problem is, while it is very painful, it is not very fast in my case. For some reason, the 24 hour window she told me to expect is lasting a little longer - like going into the 30th hour at this point! Yikes! And in googling this issue, I am now finding that this is not the preferred method. I am wondering why my doctor recommended it. But, after all I've gone through to get to this point, I'm not going back now!

I can take comfort in knowing that my little guy is doing really great on formula. There are no more screaming feeding sessions. He is so happy and calm after he eats and plays for a long time. And he gained a whole pound in one week (12.3 to 13.2) on the formula so obviously he wasn't getting enough nourishment - although to look at him you'd never guess that! Too bad it hasn't helped his daytime sleeping...but since he sleeps 5 to 8 hours at night, I'm not complaining too loudly!

However, his nose congestion that he's had since he was 5 weeks old has still not gone away. We expected it to clear up along with the other cow's milk allergy symptoms. So now he has to have a swallow study done. The doctor suspects that when he swallows the milk is going back up into his sinus cavity. What a a lot to go through in such a short amount of time!

Anyway, here's a picture of him at 11 weeks...

Here's a picture of Big Bear "reading" to Me Too and Campo!


veronica said...

I remember that for some reason, my nurse friend told me Sudafed helps to dry you up. Praying for you!

Jessica said...

Oh stevie....

I've been there... Get some cabbage. Seriously it works. And then pump. Try pumping just when you are full. It'll dry up.

I mourned the loss of that special bond, too.


Shalene said...

She's right cabbage leaves do work. I had a friend that had twins and she used the cabbage leaves because she had so much more milk than having one baby brings. (Though I though it was to bring the milk down.) And the Sudafed does dry you up. As do birth control. (That's how I lost my special bond- just as she was finally getting the hang of suckling. My youngest was born 6 1/2 weeks early, so did not have the sucking reflex- she had to be taught how.) Anyway, I feel for you! Blessings to you!

Shalene said...

Oh, I just realized that I may have sounded like I was suggesting birth control as an option. I wasn't, so please dont' be offended. I was just sharing how it happened to me. I won't be going that route again. :)

Laura H. said...

looks like campo and i have a lot in common! i was allergic to milk too (though im still not sure if campo and i share the same allergy). i was put on a potato-based formula.

i'm sorry it's such a rough time for you. i'll definitely keep you in my prayers!

here's hoping campo is in "perfect" health very soon.

very cute pictures!