Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blogoversary and The View

I just realized that my one year Blogoversary was at the beginning of this month! It passed without fanfare since I forgot about it! Watching The View the other day reminded me why I started this blog in the first place and made me realize that I have gotten pretty far away from my original intent! Not that I am unhappy with my blog...I could just be doing better. And yes, I said the View! I'm sorry. I like the post Rosie View! Yes, I know most of them are very liberal. But, they are funny, I love Elizabeth, and sometimes it's good to hear the "other side" of things once in a while! In this case, it actually helped me in my mission to share the good news of NFP and the Church's teaching on it which is what I originally started this blog to do. Not only to inform others who do not know the Church's teaching on NFP and, therefore, are endangering their eternal souls, but to have a place for other women practicing NFP to come and feel supported in their decision. I meet with a group of women once a month for a prayer group. We all happen to practice NFP (or in the case of the couple of single women who come, believe in practicing NFP) and quite often our monthly meetings turn into a support group for each other. It is nice to talk to have people to talk to about it without them looking at me like I'm a two headed monster! It is wonderful to hear how much they love practicing it and how it helps them to feel closer to their husbands and also to God. It is also nice to hear that they, like me, sometimes get frustrated with it. That sometimes they too think it's one of the hardest things we are called to do as Catholics! But it's also one of the things that brings us the most blessings!

So, how did The View, of all shows, remind me of all of this? Elizabeth, the token conservative of the show, was making a comment on a story they were talking about that had to do with sex (shocking...talking about sex on The View!). She said something about using protection - I don't remember the context or the story or anything. I just remember that one word in her comment hitting me like a ton of bricks. Protection. From Websters:

1: the act of protecting : the state of being protected

Okay not helpful - Protect. From Webster's:

1 a: to cover or shield from exposure, injury, damage, or destruction

So the lights are low, the candles lit, the wine is poured and it's getting hot and heavy. You say the following to the person you love and want to give yourself to...

Honey, I really love you but before we go any further, do you have something to shield me from exposure, injury, damage or destruction while we "make love"?

Huh????? What???????? How sad. I had never thought of it this way before. The word protection as a synonym for contraception is so common that the next definition for the word protection in Webster's is:

2 a: one that protects b: supervision or support of one that is smaller and weaker c: a contraceptive device (as a condom)

Anyway, that is what I heard on The View that really got me thinking about how sad contraception really is and how our world view on it is so far from God's plan and in some little tiny way, I want to try to spread His message about it to the world. Or at least to a few people who find their way to my blog. I've been praying that He would use this blog for His purpose. Hopefully I'll be able to fulfill my desire to glorify Him in whatever way I can!

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