Saturday, February 9, 2008

Motivational Minute

Motivational Quote of the Week:

If you want to look young and thin, hang around old fat people.
Jim Eason

How's that for motivation? This is about how motivated I'm feeling this week! I'm pretty cranky from my sugar withdrawal as a result of giving up sweets for Lent - at least the shaking and moaning has ceased! Seriously, it hasn't been that bad but it has been tough. I have had lots of opportunities to offer up my cravings since Lent began on Wednesday. But, I'm doing it so I'm giving myself credit for that. I'm also keeping up with my water drinking pretty well. And...get ready to be shocked...I actually exercised the other day! Okay, it was one day and I haven't done it since...but I've thought about it! I got this Dancing with the Stars workout video. Dorky huh? I like that kind of dancing workout though. Jazzercise is my favorite type of exercise and the only kind I'll stick with but even if I had the discretionary income at this time to do such a thing, I couldn't find a time that I could get away to do a class. None of them fit into my schedule! So...I have to find alternatives. The Dancing with the Stars is actually fun to do - plus you get to stare at Maks! Now there's motivation! I would just rather be on the computer when I have free now, I should be shaking my groove thang! But...I think I'll just go and find some old, fat people to hang out with for now! See you next week!

Oh yeah, feel free to share your favorite workout video with me! I'm always looking for something I'll really enjoy and stick with more than a few times!

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Debi said...

No sugar is so tough- when I did it, I found lots of alternatives and really good sugar free treats to help me through.(hard candies, pudding, popsicles) Dance with Stars sounds fun- I actually really like the Windsor Pilates- there are 2 DVDs with it (20min. and 1 hr.) Also good is Fittv channel if you get that- great workouts and different each day!