Tuesday, January 8, 2008


That is what I keep telling myself. The baby slept all day yesterday and all night last night. Well...not all night but he was back to waking up, eating and falling right back to sleep. I get panicky after a bad night thinking the bad nights will continue like they did with my other two but so far he just goes right back to his sleepy self. So, I just need to chill. I guess you would think I would know that on the 3rd baby but...I'm slow, okay?

He's been great today too. Like I said yesterday, I just need to live in the present moment and not worry about later or keep dwelling on how it's been in the past.

In the meantime, I've been having a great time with the girls. They go back to school next week...which is still fine with me...but for now, we're having fun. We're watching a lot of videos which, of course, they love. I know it's bad of me but a lot of times I just don't have the energy to organize anything more than that and we're not getting out so I figure they can watch a little more tv than normal while I'm so busy with Campo. Besides videos, we're doing a lot of building of towers with their new blocks, reading books, and drawing with colors. We've even made it outside a couple of times.

The biggest blessing of all is of the meals people are bringing! I don't think I could organize my brain enough to get meals on the table. Lunches are challenging enough!

Baby's crying...gotta go!

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