Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tip For Enhancing Your Marriage - Try Fantasy Football!!

Play fantasy football with your husband! Ha! I'm not kidding! About 3 weeks into the football season this year, my husband and I were discussing his fantasy football league. We were talking about how his league had a gal from his office playing as well as his 10 year old nephew and his buddy...and the gal and the nephew were beating everyone! So I started asking him about how it all worked and as he explained it to m I thought to myself and then said out loud - well I could do that and it might even be fun. I really was just spouting off but he got so excited that I would even consider doing such a thing and said he'd check to see if I could join late. When he found out I could, he excitedly helped me create a team and explained how it all worked.

Now, I know very little about football. I understand the general point of the game and some of the ins and outs. The Cowboys are the only team I've ever wanted to watch and I don't even keep up too much with all of their players. But, his league isn't one where you draft a whole team and get really in depth or anything. Basically it's a game of managing money and making the best of what you are given - mom's are great at that! You're given a certain amount of money to begin with ($35 million) and you have to buy 7 different players that you hope earn you the most amount of points depending on how they play each weekend. You do have to learn about the players and the different teams and match ups to be able to earn a lot of points but the website and my husband got me started and as I've gotten more and more addicted to it I've actually found cheat sheets and other tools online to help me. Surprisingly enough, I've actually really gotten into this! I am not a very competitive person...or so I always thought. I've become very competitive at this though. It is a great way for me to channel my passive aggressiveness. Being that everything is done online I don't have to actually face off with anyone in person but I can put my all into making it the best it can be and hope that I can dominate every week. For the record, I don't dominate every week but I am not terrible either. Now, I don't want to brag or anything, but I started 3 weeks late and have increased my team's value from $35 million to $56 million and my team is worth more than anyone else in our league! Points wise, I'm not doing as well...but I have moved past two of the players and am gaining on the next guy...and I did I mention all this and I started 3 weeks late - see, there is my competitiveness coming out! But I digress.

What does this have to do with my marriage? It wasn't in trouble or anything by any means but this activity has really enhanced it! It's not the fantasy football per say, but just the fact that we have an activity that we do together and are both interested in. Besides our kids, we really haven't had a similar hobby or interest and this has always been something that I've wished for since early on in our relationship. We are having so much fun doing this together. We talk about it most nights at dinner and we email about it during the week discussing what we should do with our teams that week. I now enjoy watching games other than the Cowboys because I want to watch my players to see if they're doing well and of course husband loves this because now he can have football on all day on Sunday without me being upset. He gets so excited about it too. I've heard him tell his brother on the phone, "Dude, we talked about football all during dinner - how cool is that?" Too cute!

I had no idea when I spouted off that I could do this too that this would end up being such a great marital shot in the arm but I'm so happy about it. The only bummer is that the football season comes to a close in a few weeks...then what? I don't think either of us could get into fantasy baseball. Maybe fantasy Dancing with the Stars? Hmmm....I'll keep thinking on that one!

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nicole said...

Good for you! I don't do fantasy football, even though a guy friend keeps inviting me to join his league, because I have zero desire to keep up with it. I do love sports though, and Husband loves that. We can't wait to watch the game tonight!

You and husband can do a March Madness pool for college basketball. Picking your bracket can be fun, but also heartbreaking, as college basketball can be unpredictable. Besides, you will have a newborn, so keeping up with stats and such might be challenging!