Friday, November 30, 2007

No Baby Today

I went for my 37 week check up today and was just sure I would be delivering...or at least was hoping! He is very low down and the doctor could feel his head when she did the pelvic exam. I realized later after I left that she didn't say anything about if I'm dilated or not but I assume if I was she would have said so. I did have a sonogram though due to the fact that I sometimes feel that he goes long periods of time without moving around as much. She said that while the movements would feel different now, and they do, they should still occur with the same amount of frequency so she just wanted to check him out. Of course, as I sat waiting for the sonographer to come and get me, Campo started going crazy! How can my kids, even ones in the womb, always make liars out of me?? Anyway, he is around 6.7lbs. The doctor thinks he'll be about 7.5lbs when he's born. She joked that now I'll have a small, medium and large in baby sizes! Big Bear was 5.10lbs and MeToo was 8.10lbs so Campo will be my medium! Everything looked perfect. The best was when the ultra sound tech and the doctor were oohing and ahhing over Campo's extremely chubby cheeks which show up clearly on the sonogram. I've noticed it during all of my sonograms but the tech who usually does them either doesn't have much personality or is just really bored of listening to parents oohh and ahhh over their unborn babies cheeks and other parts because she never says anything. The lady doing it today and even the doctor couldn't get over how chubby his cheeks were. I just can't wait to eat them up!

So, two weeks from today I'll be holding my precious boy and kissing those cheeks! You'd think that the third time around would be old hat but I am as antsy and impatient for this baby to be here as Big Bear is for Christmas to come!


nicole said...

So glad to hear things are going well. I must admit to being extra sensitive to movement these days-- a friend of mine lost a child at birth last year and I just can't avoid thinking about it. I hope the next two weeks go just the way you want them to go.

Debbie said...

I am so very excited for you. You are in my prayers. I remember those last weeks before Sam and Thomas came. They was tiring, painful, but most of all wonderful. The next were even better!