Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's Beginining To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

Oh the weather outside is frightful - rainy, cold, and dreary! But inside our home was so delightful! Here is how we spent our morning.

We always decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. It is the best time to do it while we're all home for a few days and can get it all done. Especially this year with the countdown to Campo officially on. I love turning Christmas music on - this morning it was Bing Crosby - and giving the kids the non-breakable ornaments to hang on the tree. They tend to hand them all on one or two branches which drives me crazy but I have to get over it. I can really over think decorating a Christmas tree - it's a little problem I have! Husband put up the lights, or at least some of them, on the outside of the house. The ones that he has to climb up on the roof to hand were not done due to the fact that it was pouring rain and I had no desire to have him fall off a roof 3 weeks before the baby comes! The girls and I talked a lot about Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the rest of the Christmas story as they mauled admired my very breakable (husband had to glue two things - one they broke and one I broke) nativity scene that I put up on the mantle. But of course Big Bear, who is really getting into the spirit of things this year, was more interested in telling me her whole list of things she wants Santa to bring. I guess we have more work to do to bring home the meaning of Christmas!

All of the craziness of decorating the house really gets me in the spirit of Christmas. I already cannot wait for Advent to start! I always have a hard time finding good activities to do with very young children like I have (mine are 2 and 4) so this year I'm hoping to do a better job of making up some of my own things. It seems most things I find are geared for elementary school and up. I already have a few things in mind so we'll see how it goes. I'd love any ideas or tips on what you do with your tiny ones.

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