Friday, November 16, 2007

4 Weeks!!!! Ack!

4 weeks from today I'll probably be in the process of moving from recovery to my room in the post partum unit. If it's anything like last time, I'll be begging every medical person I see to bring me my baby because a 2 second flash on the way to the nursery is not enough time to see this little person you've been dying to see for so long! They took way too long getting Me Too to my room when I had her so I'm hoping that this experience will go a little differently. Of course, having just spent 2 days in the hospital earlier this week with some minor little complications, I am not expecting anything to happen too quickly. Hospitals are definitely not "on demand" type of places!

While we will remain open to life if God should so choose to bless us again, I know that my husband and I, at this point, are feeling like our family is complete. This could change of course but it is leaving me with the feeling that I need to cherish every moment of this last month of pregnancy...but in reality, I am not. I can't find a comfortable position to sleep in during the short bathroom breaks that I have throughout the night. I can't find a comfortable position to sit in at meals or the computer or the couch! I'm so completely mentally and physically exhausted all of the time. I walk slower than my coworker who is 69 and just returned from breaking her hip. In fact, last weekend husband and I went Christmas shopping and he commented that it is actually painful for him to walk as slow as I do! Then there are the many other little things that are going on in my body that I won't share with the general public but if you've ever been pregnant, you can probably guess what they are! So I have to keep reminding myself over and over how much I'll miss being pregnant - I always do afterwards! I know that I will get baby fever and wonder why I didn't savor every moment of this miraculous time that a woman is given.

The girls and I are off to church for Bible study. We're studying the infancy narratives! Very timely not only on the church calendar but in my life as well. I love having babies at this time of year. It makes me feel so much closer to Mary as I think of her precious bundle and her beautiful witness to all mothers!

Oh yeah...and we're going to be listening to Christmas music on the way to church! Whoo hoo!!


nicole said...

Thanks for the update. I was beginning to wonder how things were going. I do hope you find moments where you can revel in your pregnancy. I truly love being pregnant and so far have never dealt with long-term discomfort. And of course you feel your family is complete--who can imagine adding one when you are just about to greet one? :) I do hope this can be a season of joyful anticipation of the birth of your child and the birth of our Lord. What a unique gift!

Stevie said...

Oh my - I do have many moments when I enjoy housing this tiny one! Like this morning during Bible study when he was moving all around and my stomach looked like a wave pool. I was sitting there wondering if anyone else could see it too but realized that everyone else was paying attention to the Bible study and not staring at my stomach!

nicole said...

Oh, I didn't mean to imply that you shouldn't be uncomfortable or anything. Just that hopefully the good moments can outweigh the difficulties. Good luck these next few weeks.