Saturday, October 13, 2007

Strep Throat and Romance?

Me Too has strep throat...either still or again. It's hard to tell which. She finished her antibiotics from her last go round yesterday. Thursday she started getting little hives and then that night she got a bad croupy sounding cough. The hives continued yesterday and this morning she threw up so I called the dr. We went in and waited and waited and waited and waited and when we were FINALLY seen (this is becoming a regular thing at this dr's office and I'm not sure what to do about it!) they did a throat swab and found out she still has strep. As I was putting her shoes on, she threw up all over me. The nurse practitioner who saw us was debating on a penicillin shot but we decided against it since her dad is allergic (and come to find out so is her grandmother and aunt) to penicillin and at the time she was really acting like she felt fine. But, since we got home, she's thrown up several more times and now I'm frustrated because I know she can't keep down the antibiotics and I'm not sure how she'll ever get to feeling better. She can't keep down even a few small sips of a drink. I know because she was begging me for a drink and I gave her a couple of tiny sips of Pedialyte and she threw it up. It is agony when your child is begging you for a drink - you know it will make her sick but it goes against a mother's nature not to nurture your child with food or drink when they are asking for it. Ugghhh....I'm really frustrated right now. I don't know the right thing to do and she keeps saying "Mommy" in a way that really sounds like "Please make me feel better. I feel so bad. Why aren't you making me feel better? " and I can't do anything about it!!!!

Big Bear has really been a sport about all of this today. When Me Too threw up the first time this morning, we were literally walking out the door to go to the State Fair of Texas. Big Bear was sooooooo excited (as was I - boo hoo) and it was so hard for her to understand why we couldn't go. So, while Me Too and I went to the doctor, Big Bear got to go to the toy and distraction filled hobby shop with daddy and right now she is off on a fun special adventure all by herself with Grammy who was supposed to be babysitting tonight while Doug and I went out on a date for our anniversary which was Tuesday. Instead we're spending our evening working together to make sure vomit doesn't get anywhere else but a romantic! That's about what you get at 8 years I guess! There is no one I'd rather hold a sick baby with than him!

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