Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Names - Same Family!

For a while now I've been very conflicted about posting my kid's names here as well as some other information that I have lying around either that I've written or in my profile. I've been contemplating changing to nicknames. Recently I read a post from Minnesota Mom where she also felt this prompting and went with it. I started thinking about it even more strongly. Friday's Oprah show sealed the deal for me! It was about woman who was attacked by another woman whose intention was to steal her unborn baby. Luckily, this gal got away, unlike so many others. The horrid story is here. These types of stories always make me nervous, even more so when I'm pregnant and start showing and such.

So, I'm battening down the hatches so to speak. I'll leave mine and Doug's names but changed the children's and took some identifying information down. You can find their new names under "Cast of Characters" on the right! I'm making lots of changes to posts so I'm sorry for any problems that is causing with Google Reader or Bloglines and the like! It's just something I feel I need to do!

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