Thursday, September 6, 2007

Our Father Knows Best!

Well, today went amazingly well. I went and got some more supportive shoes (aka, not that cute, waaaaa) and wore a support belt for my big belly. Both of these measures seemed to really help the back situation. The kids in my class were great...well, most of them, most of the day. I actually had 2 helpers which won't be the norm but was nice today since I was winging it. I brought home a HUGE stack of stuff that I have to go through in order to get ready for the next few weeks. My co-teacher will be out the very minimum...2 months. We've all been giggling about the thought of an older woman recovering from hip surgery and a younger woman about to give birth trying to run a class of 13 four year olds! It should be interesting!

Anyway, as I drove home today, I realized that if I not had the tough class that I had this summer, I don't think I could have handled all of this very well. But, in comparison to this summer, today was a breeze! Plus it was a good preparation for running a class, time management and doing lesson plans. It's always amazing how God knows what we need and how if we just make the best of tough times, occasionally we do get to see that He really did have a plan and a purpose. Jen from Et Tu? had a great post about this very thing today. She tells a cute story about God preparing her for some ups and downs by giving her a disappointment in not getting to go to confession when she really wanted to. She links to another post in which the writer points out that:

He always knows best how to help me grow, even when I don’t care for His methods.

Ain't that the truth? I wonder what He's preparing me for now...scary!


4andcounting said...

So glad things seem to be improving (or at least your outlook on things). I gave you an award on my blog. Have a good weekend!

Stevie said...

An award - oh wow! Going to check it out!