Saturday, August 4, 2007

It's a Boy!

We had our sonogram yesterday and the results are in! It's a boy!! I think we really were convinced that we were meant for all girls so Doug and I are still somewhat in a state of disbelief! We are very excited though. Doug is glad to have a control line flying buddy in case the girls aren't interested. The girls...well, I'm not sure they understand much of it. They get excited because we are all excited when we talk about it. As a mother I am actually completely honored and overwhelmed at the opportunity and responsibility that come with raising a little boy into a good and holy man - hopefully a father in the image of our Heavenly Father whether that be to his own children given to him in the sacrament of marriage or a flock of children given to him through the sacrament of ordination. I know, I know...getting ahead of myself a little bit aren't I? But you are supposed to start as you mean to go on so having the goal in mind is a good thing too.

Anyway, our little boy is perfectly healthy. Mommy has a condition called placenta previa which is a minor concern to the doctor at this point. It can cause bleeding and/or premature labor. She says that sometimes the condition resolves itself and there's not anything we can do to fix it - we just have to monitor it. For now, I just have to take a few precautions until week 28 and then if it has not resolved I will be placed on anything from modified activity levels to bed rest.

It is going to be an interesting journey! I feel so incredibly blessed and excited! Guess I'd better get to the mall!!


Laura H. said...

a BOY? im sharing my birthday with a BOY? .... how terribly exciting!!

4andcounting said...

Congratulations! I have two girls and two boys. I love having both. Boys are so unique and you will love having one.
I will pray for you and the placenta previa. My sister had that with her 4th pregnancy and it did end up correcting itself. Hopefully you will not have to alter your life too drastically. :)