Friday, July 20, 2007

Freedom...comes with a price though!

We dropped the kids off at their grandparent's house a couple of hours west of here last night. We're going to the Beyond Cana retreat at our church this weekend where I'll get to see my CRHP sister's Happy Catholic and Veronica on the Verge as well as my non blogging CRHP sister Monnette. I know it's a marriage retreat and I really won't get to hang out with my gal pals there but it will be nice to have them there! They're all putting the retreat on for us so I know it will be fabulous!

So...the in laws are watching the kids for the weekend. After we arrived, we had dinner and then played for a little bit and then left. There was crying, not the kids - it was me. For about 10 minutes after we pulled out of the driveway I was a mess. The kids were fine. Even the little one. They were like...Bye, see ya! In fact, from the minute I told my 3 year old that we were going, she kept checking to make sure that we were in fact leaving. She kept saying, "Mommy, you and daddy have to go to work" or "Mommy, you're not coming in". Sad huh? Not really I guess. I'm glad that she loves it there so much that she's fine with me being gone. It makes me feel better that at least she's not miserable while I'm sitting here relaxing with a cup of a coffee and a bagel and relishing every minute that I'm not getting up to fix something for someone else or jumping up in between every bite to refill sippy cups. I mean, my in-laws have dogs, cats and horses not to mention tons of land and a lake nearby. They go to parks and get to watch TV and eat whatever they want. Who wouldn't love that?

I was just telling my husband that I'm really glad this retreat takes place away from home. We leave in about an hour and go to a hotel about 45 minutes away to stay until Sunday when we come back for mass. I think it's good that we don't come back home at night or anything like that because I woke up this morning and tried to relax but found myself constantly listening for morning wake up noises or thinking that my 3 year old was at the end of the bed wanting to climb up with us. Despite my best efforts to relax and snooze for a while, I kept being awakened by dogs barking thinking it was the 19 month old squealing happily like she does every morning to let us know she's ready for us to come and get her up. I wonder how long it will take to relax and let my mommy guard down. I think it will fly out the window when we get in the car to leave for the hotel this morning.

Anyway, I've been looking forward to this retreat since months before we signed up to go the first time back in January but couldn't due to my daughter getting sick. Please offer up a prayer for all the retreatants and the fine couples putting on the retreat for us if you get a chance this weekend! With that, I'm off to shower and put the finishing touches on my packing!

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