Sunday, April 8, 2007

C C C Toe

I was telling Big Bear that she was such a good girl at Easter Mass this morning (couldn't say that to Me Too without having to go to confession!) and I thought she said something like, "I see CCC Toe" but then figured out she said she sings CCC Toe. Translation: she was telling me that she sang Resucito - the recessional song that is played at many of our Easter masses every year. It is an awesome song and they have full on trumpets and maracas and everything. I heard them practicing it yesterday so I was singing it and dancing around with Big Bear last night and got her pretty excited about hearing it!


Laura H. said...

I knew EXACTLY what she meant when I read that. Too cute!

I'm so grateful for the music we have during these celebrations each year. We are truly blessed by the presence of those musicians!!

sexy said...
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