Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Woman sues doctors after failed abortion

Recently we took my 3 year old daughter's pacifier away from her. It was weeks of crying and sobbing and tantrums. I worried that she would never recover from this trauma. I have visions of her lying on a couch working out her over controlling mother issues with her therapist. But then I see a story like this one and think about what this poor kid will have to deal with I realize that my problems are miniscule in comparison to others. Do you think there is any chance on earth that she will not hear about this story one day when she is an adult? I'm not putting any bets on it.

Not only does this girl have to work through the news that her mom (oh, sorry, victim) was so inconvenienced by her conception that she tried to kill her, but when those attempts failed, she sues the doctors who put her in the awful position of having to have a child! I'm surprised the woman didn't sue the baby's father for his role in the matter.

I'm going to be praying that this tribunal who is screening the case will tell her to take a hike and go concentrate on raising this little girl the best she can before the little girl grows up and gets punched in the gut with the reality of her beginnings in this world. But...I'm not putting any bets on that either.

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Julie D. said...

About the pacifier ... we waited until Rose was ready to toss her pacifier on her own. It took several weeks of (hopefully) subtle psychology about the other "big kids" at the daycare. Finally, she was ready and we had a ceremony at the trash can where she threw it away. We all clapped, she was proud of course ... and then began the dark days for a couple of weeks. She was so crabby. However, whenever I'd ask if she wanted her pacifier she'd shake her head and stomp away. She was between 3 and 4 I think.