Saturday, March 3, 2007

My ticket to Heaven!!

As we were putting Grace to bed tonight she asked for her rosary. She has a plastic pink rosary that she loves to wear as a necklace. She had taken it to my mom's one day and they had prayed the beginning of the rosary together...well, my mom had prayed it and Grace lost interest rather quickly. So, I decided I'd try to pray a decade with her. I explained the first Joyful Mystery of the Annunciation to her and gave her a little explanation of how we should always say yes to God - on a 3 year old level of course. And I started to pray...and she joined in!! She said at least a little part of every single one of the 10 Hail Mary's! I couldn't believe it!

Afterwards Doug said, "You just got your ticket to Heaven punched". It would be nice if that's all it took - but it sure felt like I was very close to Heaven at the time!

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